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An import is the raw data that you upload into Organizer. After manipulating your file to meet thethe requirements for importing, go to the List Tab and select the Upload icon (the cloud with the arrow).


The Import modal is where you can select the .csv file. Please review the Preparing Your File for Import Article before uploading data.


You should name your Import, and you can adjust the Import color by clicking the top left color box. You may also select whether or not you would like that Import to automatically become a list that’s ready to canvass.

Select “Choose File” to select the file you’d like to Import and hit Save!

Next Step: Import Mapping Page

NationBuilder Selection

If you have the NationBuilder integration, select the NationBuilder option from the new Import modal. From there you will have access to all your Lists created in NationBuilder and can select which List you would like to Import.