Preparing Your File For Import

In this article, we will show you which fields or variables are necessary to import your data file. We will also examine how to clean up and format your data file so you have the best experience with Organizer. Remember that all files manually imported into Organizer must be .csv file types and have under 50,000 records.

* For information on importing from PDI, VAN, or Nationbuilder, please review the following links:

Political Data Inc. Compatibility

NationBuilder Compatibility

VAN Best Practices

** For information on importing through other integrations you may have set up, please check their respective help centers or contact us.

Required System Fields

All CSV uploads need the following data mapped to Organizer in order to function correctly in our system:

  • Primary ID – a unique identifier assigned to each voter or contact
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Street Number
  • Street Name and Type
  • Apartment Number
  • City – (only required if the Zip is not included)
  • State – (only required if the Zip is not included)
  • Zip Code

If your data does not meet these requirements, you will receive an error message.

Organizer System Field Types

Fields can be one of two types, numeric or text, as indicated by the icon next to the field name. Numeric fields can use greater/less than function during filters; however, text columns are limited to either equal or include a list when filtering. Numeric fields will not recognize text (non-number, including "-" and "/"). This is important when cleaning your data; for example, Precinct is a numeric field that will not upload properly if the column contains a letter.

Cleaning Your File

1. Check that street number, street name, and apartment are three separate fields. If needed use the concatenate function to combine all elements of the street name (prefix, street, suffix, type: North Main St).

2. Double check that some values do not go beyond the existing data. This is common when pasting a formula down many rows.

3. Check that fields you want to use as numeric fields for filtering contain only numbers.

4. Remove any unwanted fields.

For a detailed step by step guide to separating and combining column information with Concatenate and Text to Columns, refer to our Excel Tips and Tricks article.  

Best Practices

1. Include geocodes in your file with Longitude and Latitude fields.

2. Keep your import files under 50,000 voters. The file will import faster and be more manageable if they are smaller.

3. Set aside at least 48 hours to prep and import your data before it needs to be used in an Effort.

 Failed Imports

For instructions on re-importing a failed import, please visit the Minimum Import Requirements Guide