VAN and Organizer Compatibility Best Practices

In this article, we will review tips and tricks for streamlining your data when using both VAN and Organizer. We'll review how to best import data and create Surveys in a way that will be compatible with VAN and Organizer. 

Using the VAN Integration

  1. Fields that come over from VAN through the integration include VanID, FirstName, LastName, StreetAddress, City, StateOrProvince, ZipOrPostal, Email.
  2. The integration with VAN is currently one-way, meaning that you can import Lists from VAN but getting data from Organizer back into VAN is a manual process.

How to Import Lists from VAN to Organizer

  • Give API user access to your folder.
  • Save a List into shared folder.
  • Add New Import 
    • Go to the "Lists" page
    • Select "Go to Imports" Icon
  • Select "Add New Import" Icon ( + )
  • Select VAN from drop down option. 

  • Select your VAN list to import
    • Scroll or type to search to locate your list.

  • Select your List
  • Name your Import
  • Click "Continue"

Exporting From VAN Manually

When exporting your data from VAN, be sure to export it as "Voter Address Separate Fields". This will separate the address so we can easily geocode those homes. You do not need to export Mailing Address, it is not necessary and can be confusing when assigning address fields. 

Combining Street Name Elements

When mapping import fields make sure to combine the elements of the street name in the dark grey pane on the left. This includes the street prefix, street name, street type, and street suffix. Drag the light blue corresponding bubbles into the Street Name box to combine. 

mCity vs. City

Often times, imported VAN data contains the mailing address as well as the address where the voter lives. Make sure the correct address is in the grey left hand column, not the mailing address. 

Saving Mapping

When importing data, use the save mapping tool in order to streamline future uploads. Saving your mapping the first time will allow you to copy your mapping in future uploads and avoid redoing work.

From the drop down menu located in the upper right hand corner, select Save Mapping after the mapping has been set. 

Create a name for your saved mapping and select save.

Next time you import, go to the same drop down menu where you found 'Save Mapping' and instead select 'Load Mapping.' Select the saved mapping and the new Import will mirror the previous mapping.

Mirroring VAN Scripts

When creating a Survey be sure to mirror your VAN script in the Save As column. The Save As column represents how the data will be represented in your export. Choose field names and answers that you will want in your export data and back in VAN.